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This is why Instagram is removing likes from the platform

We all know and love Instagram. Whether we take a picture of our friends, of what we’re eating, or just take a glamorous selfie, we upload it to Instagram primarily for one thing; to see how many likes we can get. However, it’s recently come out that Instagram is beginning to remove likes from their platform. Making us all ask: “But how will I know if people saw my sandwich or coffee I got for lunch?”

Don’t worry, Instagram wouldn’t start to remove likes unless they had a proper plan behind it. Let’s figure out what that plan is.

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What does removing likes exactly mean?

People are saying Instagram is “removing likes”, but this isn’t necessarily true. Although people won’t be able to publicly see how many likes another person’s post will get, you still have the ability to like a post even though it won’t show up.

They’re still testing out whether or not you’ll be able to see how many likes your own posts will get, but they’re not positive if that’ll be a benefit or not. Deeming this version as Instagram hidden likes, instead of a normal “like”.

Why would Instagram remove likes?

The main reason Instagram is beginning the stages of removing likes is because of one main reason; influencers. From Instagram’s perspective, people utilize how many likes they get on a post as a way to sell their “influencing abilities” to certain companies.

Whether it’s a model posting a picture of a certain makeup brand they just so happen to “love”, or an athlete posting a picture of a specific brand of dumbells that gets you ripped “faster”, they all fall under the same umbrella of an “influencer”. 

Besides the influencer notion, Instagram likes removal may generate more content on the platform. Their theory thinks that people won’t be scared to post anymore since the worrisome nature of seeing a few likes won’t matter anymore. Therefore, people will post more content with the comfort of knowing no one will see their “likes”.

Benefits of Removing Likes

Although this effort might end up hurting influencers, there are some benefits to this notion. As stated, it’s theorized that people will post more. Demonstrating that it’s possible to have a happier mental health state for the people on their platform.

It’s also possible that there’d be less cyberbullying because of it. Meaning that a teenager who posts a selfie won’t have the possibility of being bullied because of the lack of likes they’d received since the likes would be hidden. This is something that’ll be a huge benefit to the younger audience on the platform. Demonstrating to kids that there’s more to life than trying to get more likes than their friends.

The same idea goes for their parents as well; why care how many likes Susan received, when you can just post away and enjoy your life.


In simple terms, this is something they’re going to fully implement. If everyone hates it, then I’m sure they’ll go back to how things were. It’s important to know that the consumer almost always comes first, but if there are more benefits than negatives, then they might as well test it out.

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Why Instagram is removing likes - Pinterest Image
Why Instagram is removing likes Pinterest Image


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