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Which Fitbit Is Right For You?

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If you’re a fitness freak, your life must be revolving around the fitness activities. Keeping an eye on these fitness activities will motivate you to achieve more and get in good shape.

Whether you’re losing your weight, maintaining your physique, developing muscles, or training for any sports, a fitness tracker can be a great help. These fitness trackers will keep an eye on your heartbeat, blood pressure rate, walking steps, sleep pattern, and much more via its sensors. 

A smartphone app can also be connected with fitness trackers to observe your activities and let you know about a suitable diet.

Fitbit is a more prominent name in fitness tracking gadgets. Fitbit makes the basic as well as advanced gadgets, all in different price ranges. Give these watches a chance to know about your fitness, resting heart rate, sleep patterns, and much more.

Whether you want to compare Fitbit Versa vs Versa 2 or Fitbit Versa vs Versa Lite, I have eased your hassle to search for the best ones as I’ve listed all of them here that you can choose from. Let’s have a look at them. We will look at all nine models closely and you will find a comparison of all models below.

(*This article is not sponsored but does contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions when you click my links and make purchases at no extra cost to you. )

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1. Fitbit Versa Fitness Watch


15+ Modes:

Fitbit Versa takes good care of your health as it tracks your fitness activities in different modes. You can use it while riding a bike, walking, jogging, and much more to keep an eye on the real-time stats. You just need to select a mode from the available ones to have a summary of your workout at the end.

All you need on your smartwatch screen is your workout plan, sleep pattern, all-day activity stats, and the next approach towards the day. This Fitbit Versa Smart Watch can do it all for you. You can have all this information right at your wrist.

Cardio Fitness:

There’s a Cardio Fitness Score that’ll help you gain the best form. It enables you to keep the record of all your past cardio health and guides about how you can improve it further.

Swim Tracking:

Fitbit Versa is a waterproof watch that helps you to track the laps, duration of swimming, and calories burnt during your swim workout.


It features an utterly sleek design with a variety of colors to choose from. Fitbit Versa is water-resistant up to 50M. Therefore, you don’t need to worry while wearing it in the pool or rain.

Peroid Health:

Fitbit Versa, along with its fitness app, lets you track the period duration, keep an eye on the symptoms, and compare the period cycle with other health stats.

Smart Functions:

You can attend calls, reply to your messages, and access several smart apps just at your wrist with a single touch. Smart track apps will let you keep the records of all your sports and fun activities at the same time. Enjoy apps like music player, fitness, sports, finance, all other designed by the Fitbit Labs.

Water resistant:

Fitbit Versa is famous for its 50 meters resistant feature, which enables you to wear it through the swimming sessions, sweaty workouts, and the hot tub.

Battery life:

Live and record your best life form with this Fitbit Versa that lasts more than four days. However, the battery life also depends upon the usage and activity. Apart from the long run, charge time does matter too. But no worries, it serves a 0 to 100% charge in just two hours.


  • 15+ Exercise Modes
  • Swim proof design
  • GPS technology
  • Cardio Fitness Score


  • Swapping straps is difficult.

2. Fitbit Versa Lite Smart Watch



Keep an eye on all your workout modes, including swimming, jogging, walking, and much more with this Fitbit Versa Lite. Also, you can connect it with the smartphone app for realtime Tracking.

Battery Life:

It let you track the fitness activities all day long with its impressive 4+ days of battery life. Some factors and use will affect battery life, as well.

Also, you can charge it from 0 to 100% via the USB cable within just two hours.

Favorite Apps on the Go:

You can do a workout without your phone now. This Fitbit Versa lite offers plenty of apps just on your wrist. You can access apps like sports, weather, calendar, text, call, and much more to be updated.

Smart Track:

There are modes that you can select from while doing your exercise sessions. It includes various sports and exercise methods to choose from. Also, the watch features a waterproof design for swimming mode.


Fitbit Versa Lite features a slim and compact design along with a wide display screen. The screen utilizes Gorilla Glass 3 for its protection, and a 1000 nits brightness improves your vision even in bright sunlight.

Along with a slim design, the anodized Aluminium body makes it lightweight and easy to wear all day.

Fitbit App:

Fitbit Versa Lite features the official Fitbit app, which lets you track the real-time stats for your exercises and enables you to set goals for next.


  • Analyze the sleep patterns
  • Lightweight design
  • 4+ day battery life
  • 1000 nits brightness level


No music storage

3. Fitbit Versa 2 Fitness Smartwatch


Compact Design:

The successor of the Fitbit Versa carries all of the previous model’s great features and more. A large display with a compact design makes it look modern and updated. An always-On option will save you time and free your hands from pressing the button.

Sleep Score:

Fitbit Versa 2 keeps a record of multiple things to improve your sleep pattern. It remains an eye on your heart rate, time asleep, relatedness, and sleep score to help you understand your sleep quality. Fitbit app on your smartphone can use this data to suggest changes that you need to make.

Also, set the alarm using the Smart Alarm feature. It let you wake up intelligently at the most optimum time of your sleep cycle.

Battery Life:

Battery life spends on usage, applications, time for which the displays remain on, and many more factors. On standard usage, it provides a battery time of more than 6 hours. You can also charge it at any place using the standard USB cable and adapter.

Work with Alexa:

You can set the alarms, timers, check weather updates, and do anything you want with just your voice via the Amazon Alexa.

Fitness Guidance:

After analyzing your goals, workout schedule, and style, it suggests the best workout plan with its Fitbit Premium Guide feature. It’ll guide you about the sleeping pattern, diet plan, and workout routine to get in shape within no time. Is Fitbit Versa 2 waterproof? Yes, it is!

Exercize modes

More than 15 modes for different workouts have been featured in this Fitbit Versa Smart Watch. You just need to select a workout plan before you begin for the optimized settings.

Quick Access:

Fitbit Versa 2 receives the text messages, calls, and reminders on the watch screen if connected with your smartphone. A quick-reply feature will save your time by featuring an option to send text or voice messages just from the smartwatch screen.


  • Custom-made workout plans
  • Smart Alarm feature
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Large display
  • The successor of the Fitbit Versa


  • No built-in GPS

4. Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness


Realtime Tracking:

A built-in GPS feature will help you record the pace and distance while walking or jogging. The Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness utilizes the GPS stats to feature the workout intensity map for your hiking, riding, and running. This map shows the heart rate, calories burnt, and the time of your session.

Active Alerts for Cardio:

An Active Zone Minute feature provides a buzzing alert when you achieve the desired heart rate during your cardio session. It’ll guide you about the intensity of cardio you need further for an optimized workout session.

20+ Exercise Modes:

You can achieve what you desire with this Fitbit Charge 4. 20+ goal-based modes for different exercises are available, which lets you improve your physique or body form with the guidance feature.

Premium Fitbit Guide is available with a 30-days free trial version. It’ll suggest you change your diet, sleep pattern, and stress management to stay healthy.

Battery Life:

With a powerful Multi-day battery, you can enjoy the smart features of this Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness watch for more than seven days with a full charge. However, battery life varies with exercise modes, GPS options, and other factors as well.


Fitbit Charge 4 has a smart design that is convenient to wear all day long. A compact display screen shows everything you need, including the workout minutes, heart rate, distance covered, calories burnt, and much more at a glance. This Fitbit Versa Smart Watch is comfortable to wear during the workout sessions in the gym or outdoor swim laps, and sweaty running as well with its compact and lightweight design. Durability is also a matter of nothing for this smartwatch due to its anodized Aluminium body and the Gorilla Glass 3.


  • Built-in GPS for real-time track
  • Active Zone Minute option
  • 20+ goal-based modes
  • Buzz alarm


  • Lacking color display

5. Fitbit Ionic Fitness Watch


Customized Workouts:

A step by step coaching guide is available from the Fitbit Premium feature for the personalized workouts. Get in shape within no time with the workout plans, proper diet, perfect sleep patterns, and much more.

Access Everything:

Everything is right at your wrist with this Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch. You can check your text messages, calls, reminders, listen to music if connected with your phone app. Synchronization is enabled for both the Androids (must be 5.0+) and Mac OS (must be above 10.6) within the 30-meter range.

Durable Design:

Durability and stylishness are taken into account while designing this fitness watch. It has an extensive display with Gorilla Glass 3 and high levels of brightness to enhance the visibility. Furthermore, straps are of different kinds that look aesthetically beautiful on your wrists. Smart bands can fit every wrist and match with the personality as well.

Battery life:

Keep an eye on your running, walking, jogging, and workout plans with this Fitbit Ionic that runs for more than four days.

Live Pulse Rate:

Delays and lags are not reasonable. Right!

This Fitbit Ionic uses the real-time GPS data to track your running distance and then calculate the calories burnt by synchronizing your heartbeat at the same time. All that in real-time and entirely live.

Smart Features:

Access sports and workout apps right at your wrist to stay updated. NFC chips are employed as well to make the payments while you’re shopping at the grocery store.


  • Works with Pandora app
  • Workout coaching
  • NFC chip to make payments
  • 30-feet connectivity range


  • Bulky design

6. Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker Watch


Perfect for kids:

The design and features support a user-friendly design with ten clock faces ideal for kids at the age of 8+. Once the set goals are achieved, a reward message pops up on the screen with a celebration note to keep the young one motivated.

Water-Proof Design:

This Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker is completely water-resistant that can endure the splashes and spills. It lets you even record the stats for swim sessions.

Adjustable Straps:

Wearing all day is not a hassle anymore with the adjustable straps. You can comfortably wear and remove it using the 4.6 to 6.1-inches expandable straps that can even fit with growing age.

Automatic Synching:

You don’t need to perform complex setups to start the synchronization. It’ll begin automatically once your Android or iPhone connects with this Fitbit Ace.

Battery Life:

On regular use, it can stand up to 5 days with a one-time full charge. These statistics may vary with usage and activity.

Active Minutes:

Active minute goals on the wrist will help your kids to stay motivated and hope for the best. The Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker keeps an eye on the daily steps, activity, sleep pattern, and much more, which your kids will love to look at.

Track Sleep:

Parents can keep the record of their kid’s sleep pattern and overall health. A regular check on the stats will let them know if their kids are getting a sound sleep and enjoying good health or not. A Smart Alarm feature will wake your kids at the optimized time.


  • 10 Clock faces
  • Waterproof design
  • Automatic syncing
  • 5-day battery life


  • No proper heart rate monitor

7. Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watch


Cardiac Records:

With an intuitive and continuous Heart Rate Monitor, keep all the records of your heartbeat, blood pressure, and heart rate zones with every minute. It lets you achieve your desired heart rate during the cardio workouts, and the premium guide will coach you for the next move.

All-day Activities:

Not only can you keep an eye on the workout pattern, but all-day activities are also in reach of this Fitbit Surge Smart Watch. It has the intelligent sensors that calculate the steps you have taken, calories burnt, climbing steps active minutes, and the overall distance covered in a day.

Monitor the Sleep:

Sleep pattern is being monitored every night via this Fitbit Surge watch. It intelligently keeps an eye on the sleep time and wakes you up once you complete the cycle.

Notifications Access:

Once you connect the smartphone with this Fitbit Surge watch, you’ll need your phone no longer. All the notifications, including calls, text messages, calendars, and reminders, will be on your wrist just at a touch.

Built-in GPS:

A built-in GPS technology lets you measure the distance covered and calories burnt all in the realtime. GPS-maps run without the need of your smartphone, enabling you to control all the other features during the run.

Battery life:

The Amazing battery life of 4 and half hours can be enjoyed on regular use. However, by minimizing the specific features that include built-in GPS and other advanced sensors, the battery can go up to 7 days.


Get rid of your old-styled bulky watch as this smartwatch comes with a 1.25-inches touch screen display. It looks perfect on any wrist size and syncs with your phone within a minute to show live stats on your screen.


  • Touch screen display
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Built-in GPS
  • Works with Android, iPhone and Windows OS


  • Inconsistent sleep tracking

8. Fitbit One Activity Tracker



Though is not a watch, it does a pretty good job. This device can be clipped to your waistband. The Fitbit One Activity Tracker does not just track the all-day activities and keeps an eye on your workout and sleep pattern, but it guides with the next approach as well. It can use real-time statistics for your activity+ sleep and help you bring a healthy routine in your life. Live a healthy, smart, and active lifestyle with this Fitbit One Activity Tracker.

Sleep and Alarm:

The first step in going towards a healthy lifestyle is adequate sleep. You can’t have a new day without having a sound sleep at night. Fitbit One Activity Tracker can get this for you. It keeps track of your sleeping pattern and wakes you up with an intelligent silent alarm. Your sleeping partner will be affected by the alarm.

OLED Display:

An easy to view display makes this watch more convenient to use. It features the OLED technology with a high-level brightness to see even in the bright sunlight. You can have the time, steps, distance traveled, and much stats at a glance.

Water-Proof Design:

It ultimately spills splash and shower proof. Therefore, you can wear it all day without any fear during the rain, swim session, and sweaty workouts. Push your limits for sweaty workouts in the gym or on the running track while wearing this Fitbit One Activity Tracker.

Battery Life

On standard usage, a 14-day battery life holds your back.


  • Spill-proof design
  • Automatic sync
  • An All-rounder tracker


  • Sleep graph is not accurate

9. Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker


24/7 Tracking:

Don’t miss a single approach of yours towards the health activities. Record all the steps you’ve taken and the climbing distance you’ve covered per day via its updated sensors.

Not only is this, but a complete stats of heart rate at rest, and heart rates during the workouts for the perfect cardio.

Comfortable Design:

Wearability is much more convenient than you think. You can wear it all day with the adjustable and elastomer material bands that show no mark on your wrists. You can fasten it via the peg and loop simply to save much time.

Sleep Tracking:

Automatically tracks your sleep pattern and deep sleep cycle with the Fitbit Inspire HR.  It can also wake you up with the Smart Alarm system.

Battery Life:

The Fitbit HR can run continuously on a single charge for up to 5 days on standard usage. However, with more battery consuming features, battery life can be affected accordingly. Charge time is only 2 hours from zero to a hundred percentage via USB adapter.

Connectivity Options:

A Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity lets you transfer the music files and other compatible data within minutes.


Do you love the sweaty workouts or swim sessions? No problem, it’s your back!

It is water-resistant up to 50 meters, and you can wear it during the shower, in the bathtub, during the long sweaty runs, and much more.


  • Heart Rate monitoring per second
  • 50M water-resistant
  • 2 hours charge time
  • Attractive colors


  • Little costly
  • Does not have a big and colorfull display
  • Lack of apps

Fitbit models comparison:

ModelGPSExercise ModesWater-ResistantBattery Life
1. Fitbit Versa Fitness WatchBuilt-in15+Yes (up to 50M)4+ days
2. Fitbit Versa Lite Smart WatchBuilt-in15+Yes (up to 50M)4+ days
3. Fitbit Versa 2 Fitness SmartwatchUses your Phone’s GPSCustomized workoutsYes6+ days
4. Fitbit Charge 4 FitnessBuilt-in20+Yes (up to 50M)7+ days
5. Fitbit Ionic Fitness WatchBuilt-inCustomized workoutsYes4+ days
6. Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker WatchNoNoYes5+ days
7. Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watchBuilt-inCustomized workoutsYes7+ days
8. Fitbit One Activity TrackerBuilt-inCustomized workoutsYes14 days
9. Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness TrackerBuilt-in15+Yes5+ days

Available Colours and weight:

1. Fitbit Versa Fitness WatchPink1.31 ounces
2. Fitbit Versa Lite Smart WatchWhite/Silver Aluminum1.41 ounces
3. Fitbit Versa 2 Fitness SmartwatchBordeaux/Copper Rose0.16 ounces
4. Fitbit Charge 4 FitnessBlack/Granite/Rosewood1.1 ounces
5. Fitbit Ionic Fitness WatchCharcoal / Smoke Gray10.7 ounces
6. Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker WatchPower Purple/Blue1.09 Ounces
7. Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watchBlack2.7 Ounces
8. Fitbit One Activity TrackerBlack2.4 ounces
9. Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness TrackerBlack/Lilac/White1.6 ounces

Buying Guide for Best Fitbit Smart Watches

Stepping into the market with little or less knowledge can ruin your experience of buying the best product. The same is the case here with these Fitbit Smart Watches. Before you buy the best Fitbit Activity Tracker Watch for you, you must look for specific features and attributes. Let’s get into this.


The design might be the priority for the wrist gadget as everyone sees it. Therefore, when it comes to appearance, you must opt for a stylish looking watch with comfort and versatility. The screen must be wide enough to feature all the stats you want to look at. Also, the band size and color do matter a lot that needs to match with your personality. You can also buy multiple color bands if you want to match you with different outfits.

Smart Features:

There are so many smart features that you must look for while buying a Fitbit for you. Most of the Fitbit Fitness watches can keep the records for distance, calories burnt, steps taken, distance covered, heart rate at rest, heart rate zones with minutes, and much more health-related stats.

Sleep Monitoring:

Many Fitbit devices are recording sleep patterns daily. They keep an eye on your sleeping time, deep sleep cycle, and know when to wake you up with the advanced silent alarm feature.


Are you a fitness enthusiast? Then you must love having long runs and sweaty workouts. The water-resistant feature will help you in this regard. You can wear the water-resistant watches in shower, bathtubs, during rain, for your swim sessions, and much more without any worry. Nearly all the Fitbit watches are splash-proof, water-resistant except few of the models.

Battery life:

 You might not like charging up your watch every 24 hours. Therefore, longer battery life must be a concern for you while looking for the best Fitbit series. Many models for Fitbit smartwatches fall in the category of battery timing from 4 to 6 hours.


The budget must be decided before you buy a Fitbit Activity Tracker for yourself. Though all the Fitbit models are affordable, they vary in their prices as well. Therefore, keeping in mind your needs and choices, buy an affordable one for you.


Fitbit devices are not just the activity trackers but a style statement as well. These gadgets also feature the functionalities of Smart Watches, including the built-in GPS, heart rate monitors, calorie stats, distance traveled, climbing steps, and much more at a glance. You can also access the calls, messages, and reminder notifications and even reply instantly (only supported in Android 5+).

Which Fitbit is right for you? Article Pinterest Pin
Which Fitbit is right for you? Article Pinterest Pin

The Fitbit brand and all of the models above are registered trademark(s) or trademark(s) of Fitbit, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries.


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