Everything about The Pomodoro Technique!

Have you ever struggled to meet deadlines? Or perhaps you simply feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to get done with the entire monstrosity that is your to-do list. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. Luckily there’s a golden method out on the market that can help you manage your time way better. It goes by the name ‘The Pomodoro Method’ or The Pomodoro technique. At first glance, Pomodoro sounds like some Spanish meteor, but the word is Italian. Intrigued? Rightly so, the whole Pomodoro process is easy enough to follow. According to numerous users, it has proven very effective as well. If this something that has piqued your interest then read on to understand how you too can make use of this new technique! 

Everything about The Pomodoro Method and how to implement it Pinterest Pin

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

All you need to put the Pomodoro Technique in action is a simple timer, nothing fancy. The person who came up with the idea, Francesco Cirillo, has developed this technique in such a way that you do not have to make a separate purchase to make full use of his method. The main crux of the Pomodoro method is that it allows you to be high for a short burst of time throughout the day. This means that you get a lot of breaks in between as well, and let’s face it, we need those breaks. This is great because it keeps you motivated without overworking you, which is a welcome change. 

How to Incorporate In Into Your Daily Life 

Now you can incorporate the Pomodoro method into your daily life with a few simple steps. The main goal of this is to remove distractions or delay them for as long as you are working on the task at hand. This is important because you are working within a set time limit. For this purpose, firstly, you will have to identify a task that needs doing. Then set your timers for about 25 minutes, the timer is what is commonly dubbed as the Pomodoro. 

Work on the task until your timer rings. After that, take a break, typically a five to fifteen minute is recommended. Longer breaks can mess with your tempo, and you don’t want that. After four timers, i.e., four Pomodoros are up, you can take a longer break to refresh yourself.  

Top Pomodoro apps 

In case you want to upgrade to something more than a manual timer, then there are some great Pomodoro apps free out on the market that you can use. These include the Marinara Timer for your computer, yes you read that right, Marinara as in the sauce. For this reason alone, you can regard it as the best Pomodoro app ever. Other than that, there is the Be Focused – Focus Timer (iOS), Flat tomato (iOS), Focus To-Do iOS, and Android) and one of the most popular Pomodoro apps: iOS and Android.

Regardless of whether you are using a fancy app or a simple timer, it is important to remember that the technique is effective as long as you put in the work rather than the gadgets.

Everything about The Pomodoro Method and how to implement it Pinterest Pin
Everything about The Pomodoro Method and how to implement it Pinterest Pin


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