Vegan Apps: 5 different Vegan tools that can make your life easier

Anyone looking to have a healthier lifestyle or to lose weight has stumbled upon the Vegan diet at some point. With the promise of many health benefits or because of ethical beliefs, the Vegan diet has become one of the most popular choices out there. However, following any new lifestyle can be quite a challenge. That’s when Vegan apps can be useful.

These Vegan apps might help you organize your life better and stay on track.

So, we prepared a list with 5 perfect vegan tools or apps that you can use daily to make your life a bit easier. Keep reading.

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1. Vegan Amino

Vegan Amino is an app that works almost like a social media for Vegans.

Especially for beginners who are looking for a support system, the app can be an essential tool.

It works as a community where other vegans can share information, tips, and encourage each other on their new journey.

You will also be able to find vegan recipes and hacks to make the vegan life easier. The app is completely free for iOS and Android.

2. Is It Vegan?

One of the key points when following a vegan diet is information.

One must know what type of foods are Vegan or not and this requires much research.

Longtime vegans might be adapted to a list of products that can be consumed.

However, new vegans might not be so sure about a variety of products.

Is it vegan? Is a vegan app that allows you to find out if a product is vegan or not by just scanning the barcode.

It’s simple and easy and can help new vegans who are not so sure about not-so-obvious vegan ingredients listed in the packaging. Is It Vegan? Is also free for iOS and Android.

3. Food Monster

Food Monster is one of the vegan apps that have a great variety of recipes.

The app actually claims to be the biggest one available with more than 8.000 vegan recipes.

To make it even better the app is constantly updated with brand new recipes so there’s also something new to see.

Food Monster offers a free trial that gives access to about 500 vegan recipes and a subscription plan that unlocks all the remaining recipes available.

It’s definitely a good investment if you want to expand your vegan paladar by trying new things.

Find it here on iOS.

4. Happy Cow

Happy Cow is probably one of the most famous vegan apps and works as a Vegan Guide worldwide.

If you are the traveling type, the app can help you find the best restaurants in more than 183 countries.

This can be a lifesaver if you don’t know which restaurants to “Trust” while on vacation.

The app also features vegan cafes and bars, as well as bakeries.

You can also save your favorite places and find share your own experience in each place you visited by uploading pictures and reviews.

Happy Cow costs about $5 for iOS users and $4 for Android users.

5. Gonutss

This app is a great option for those who already love cooking and have favorite recipes ready to go.

When you change your diet to a Vegan approach it can be hard to adapt your favorite recipes and ingredients without losing flavor and texture.

Gonutss was designed to help find vegan alternatives for common recipes, which makes the lives of new vegans much easier.

The apps offer solutions for baking without eggs or milk and have also plenty of brand-new recipes.

It is also updated almost daily so there’s always something new to try.

There is also a website for those who want to try accessing it without a smartphone. The app is free for iOS and Android.

Transitioning from a “normal” diet to a Vegan diet doesn’t necessarily need to be difficult.

All you need to do is use some hacks and tricks to adapt quickly to the new lifestyle and enjoy the many health benefits it can bring.

Check out these apps and leave us a comment about your experience!

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5 vegan tools and apps Pinterest Pin
5 vegan tools and apps Pinterest pin


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