These 5 fashion apps will spice up your style

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We are in the age of mobile phones and handheld devices. Almost everyone these days can’t go anywhere without their mobile phones; you can even forget your house keys, but not your mobile phone. Most people would readily turn to Instagram for their fashion ideas but little do they know that there are a lot of other apps out there that are worth their salt in the fashion sphere. We will show you a few of those fashion apps and what makes them incredibly perfect for the fashion lover in you.

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This is one of the top fashion apps to find and organize your wardrobe on your iPhone. The goal of the cloth app makes your fashion life easier and faster. The cloth app enables you to snap, organize and share your wardrobe idea with your friends. There is even a chat feature to enable you to ask our friends for wardrobe advice. If you can’t decide what to wear on a rainy day or on a special occasion you can search for outfit inspiration by weather, location, designer or color and draw inspiration from results that would pop up using your own clothes to assemble a virtual outfit. Now isn’t that cool? The app itself is a whole social network on its own as you can publish what you wear and can also see that people you follow are wearing.


This is a perfect alternative to the now unavailable Polyvore that held sway in 2016. The Fashmates fashion app is a community-powered app for you fashionistas out there. It can be used to create unique outfits from a whole lot of clothing items gathered from different brands, retailers and designers. Not only does it let you see what possible outfits a combination of clothes would result in, but it also helps you shop the outfit. Ok get this; you are looking for an outfit for a Columbian themed party, the app gets the best fashion combinations from different designers and brands around you. You then go on to pick one and immediately, it redirects you to the closest retailer to get them from. That’s fantastic if I may say. Also, the app helps you share your looks on other social media, connect with other like-minded people and even create style polls to get peoples to opinion on what you wear.


You know about the vogue magazine right, well now it has a lifestyle app that serves the same purpose. If you feel like you’d ever want to be up to date with the latest news on fashion and beauty, then this app is for you. Get fashion ideas from celebrities and fashionistas out there like you. The vogue app is more like a magazine that supplies you with trending styles from the entertainment world which you can copy to fix your wardrobe.


This is a virtual powered mirror of your real-life personal closet. The app styles you by allowing you to add clothes to your personal closet by taking pictures and then it combines these clothes to create matching outfits. It even helps you plan what to shop for based on your needs and also helps you to plan what clothes to pack for any kind of trip you want to take. Now that’s a real virtual assistant there.


This cool fashion app also acts as your personal digital closet assistant for organizing your clothes. The app stores receipts from your recent online clothes purchases and use them to provide styling ideas. Finery would also suggest what clothes you need to buy to fill the gaps in your wardrobe and how best to combine these clothes to look chic.


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