These are the best note-taking apps to stay organized

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So smartphones provide a great facility for home consumers and business users, it doesn’t matter if you are writing a shopping list, make creative notes, or business reminders, there are a lot of options available. When you have a spark of creativity in your head, and you can’t afford to forget it, what to do? Well here’s the answer, the smartphone provides the best note-taking apps to make it easier for its users. But there’s a lot more to a note apps than just tapping out a quick note.

Both iPhone and Android have excellent note-taking apps that will change your way to record your things, plan your days, and organize your life.

Google Keep (iPhone and android)

This app shines mostly on android phones. As the name suggests, this app is owned by Google itself, which is the strongest root of androids. Google holds more than 70% of the Android share. Google has always managed to do something unique. You will find uniqueness in this app as well. But it’s also a great note app on the iPhone/iOS. The Google Keep app has a very attractive interface.

Apple Notes (Iphone)

Apple notes manage to win over almost every app because it can be downloaded easily on every iPhone or Ipad. It is an attractive option if you’re looking for easy to use note-taking app. It captures rich text, and these notes contain checklists, images, Apple maps location, audios recordings, and document scans. It provides other features as well you can easily lock the notes by swiping them to the left and tapping the padlock.

Simplenote (Ios and Android)

You can guess from its name that it is very simple and basic. This is not just a note-taking app. You can do anything on it. You can even draw characters if you are feeling a bit creative. You may have heard of a very famous quote; Simplicity is the best policy. A simple note-taking app will be your kind of best policy. It can be grasped without any cost. Yes! It is free to use.

Evernote (Iphone and Android)

Evernote is well respected and a powerful note-taking app. It is also described as a planning and organizing app. It is one of the features that lets you take notes in both handwritten and typed forms. It also scans your document using your camera. One great thing about Ever note is that it can create notes in different forms, for instance, like in test forms, or as sketched, or audio, video or PFDs

Zoho Notebook (Iphone and Android)

Well, the name itself is not very attractive, is it? But, you should never judge a book by its cover. This simple note-taking app is all you need for the rest of your life. You will not require any other software to handle your notes with the features it is equipped with. Get it now!

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