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Simple Pinterest Tips for newbies

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Pinterest is a platform where you can find new recipes, home design inspiration, and DIY everything! If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest, you know how fun it can be to browse through. Whatever you’re pinning, here are some Pinterest tips to help you get the most out of Pinterest.

In case you haven’t spent much time on Pinterest…

Pinterest is a platform that lets you save and organize images and videos from around the web. Each image or video you save is called a “pin”. Your pins are saved and collected to virtual bulletin boards that are visible to other users. You can, however, make your boards private if you choose.

Write your own pin descriptions

Avoid copying and pasting the entire recipe or instructions from the original post into your pin description. This is bad form for a couple of reasons. First, it clutters the image with unnecessary text and other users don’t necessarily want to see all that information upfront. Second, posts are copyrighted. This means that copying and pasting them is a copyright infringement.

Instead, write your own description and don’t forget to use keywords! Instead of writing “cute!” or “love this!” try to write a more meaningful description. Keywords are the terms people plug into the search bar – for example, “DIY chunky knit blanket”. Using keywords in your descriptions can help others find the same content you just spend half an hour searching for. The more people who do this, the better for all of us! This will also help you get more followers and impressions if that’s what you’re after.

Organize your boards well

Clearly labeling and organizing your boards keeps your profile looking clean, but it also will help you find old pins easier. Instead of just having a generic “recipes” board, try making one for dinner recipes, one for desserts, and one for recipes that the picky eater in your family would eat.

You can also categorize your boards to make finding your pins even easier. When you create or edit a board, there will be an option to choose a category for that board. This is where it would make sense to make a “recipes” category for all your cooking-related boards!

Check the quality of your pins

Before pinning something on Pinterest, be sure to check that the pin is “good quality”. To do so, make sure the link isn’t broken and actually links to what you were expecting. There’s nothing more frustrating than pinning something, then returning to the pin a day later and realizing it leads nowhere or to a completely unrelated site!

Add a price tag to your pins

You can easily do this by editing the descriptions if your pins. This doesn’t apply to all pins but is especially helpful if your pinning from Etsy or other shopping sites.

Make your boards private

There might be a board or two that you would rather the world not see (yet?). You can use secret boards when working on an unfinished project or when planning a surprise party for a friend!

Find people and boards to follow

When you see a pin you like, click on the profile of the user who pinned it. Chances are, you might like some of their other pins too! You can choose to follow the person, in which case you’ll automatically be following all of their boards. However, you can also just pick and choose which boards you want to follow.

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