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Get on track with Routinist: app review

As the whole setting goals theme has become more and more prevalent in popular society, so has the idea of having a morning and or evening routine. The idea is that these routines make it easy and more successful to create good habits. By planning your steps ahead of time you reduce aspects like decision fatigue. This is where the Routinist App comes in.

I recently read the miracle morning book by Hal Alrod. The book inspired me a lot and I quickly searched through the app store for an app to help me start my new, hopefully super productive life.

Routines make it easy and more successful to create good habits.

Routinist helps you set up a morning or evening routine like this. By entering your desired sleep and go time Routinist will calculate what and when you need to take action on. I own the paid version of this app now which removes the 15 action limit.

The app has a slight learning curve and the interface is not really as smooth as I would like it to be, but it still a worthy download.

The app is only available for IOS at the moment but an Android version seems to be in the works.

Download the app here

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