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Get more out of your Fitbit: Quick and easy IFTTT Fitbit hacks

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The Fitbit is an incredibly clever piece of technology that simplifies your life in more ways than you can possibly imagine. For a generation of master procrastinators and major fitness freaks, this smartwatch can not only tell time but also let you know just how much or how little you actually moved around in a day. No more do your endless Netflix binges go unaccounted for or your erratic sleep schedule unnoticed. Did you know you can get even more out of your watch with IFTTT for Fitbit?

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What is IFTTT?

With a Fitbit by your side, your body and your health are always just a thought away.

The Fitbit was designed to be user-friendly and interactive and from the steps you’ve walked to how fast your heart beats when your crush walks by, there is nothing you can’t check or calculate in the simplest of ways.

But are you really getting all that you can from your Fitbit, or can there be more to this multipurpose watch?

If This Then That (IFTTT – pronounced like lift without the L) is a web service that allows you to link all your ‘smart’ services together and automate pretty much anything that catches your fancy from auto-locking your front door to having the lights turned on every time you’re tagged in an Instagram post.

It uses simple IFTTT recipes to open up to your possibilities you never thought were possible.  

“What does this mean for my Fitbit?” you might ask. Well from forcing you out of bed in the mornings, whether you are a morning person or not, to sending you motivational messages when your fitness future seems bleak and dark. 

IFTTT for Fitbits can turn your smartwatch into a super watch. With the IFTTT recipes, you can change mundane processes into fun, interactive activities. Some of the best ones are

1. The IFTTT Dashboard

If you’ve ever wanted to see trends in your Fitbit data or compare your daily activity, all you need to do is create an IFTTT dashboard. Prerequisites for this project are an Initial State Account where you will need to create a new bucket for your Fitbit information.

  1. In My Applets click on New Applet

  2. Select the +this button, search for Fitbit and select Daily Activity Summary

  3. Next, select +that and search for Webhooks and select make a web request

 4. Go back to your Initial State Fitbit bucket and click the Settings link 

  5. Copy the API Endpoint URL and paste it in the URL section 

  6. At the end of the API endpoint, add “&”, a data value name, then “=”

  7. Finally, select Add Ingredient and choose the data you want to stream

You can do this with as many Applets as you want, for instance, your total steps, total sleep time, total calories burned, and so on. Your dashboard will update the data once a day allowing you to measure your progress over time.

2. The Early Bird

For anyone who has ever had trouble waking up in the morning, if those 50 alarms still aren’t doing the job, here is a neat trick that might just work.

All you need to do is set up a smart light bulb in your bedroom to turn on once you’ve logged in your specified amount of sleep. Turn on the lights when you wake up and get a head start on your day.

3. IFTTT recipes

Third-party apps are another great way to make your Fitbit work more efficiently for you. Though the Fitbit is a great all-round health tracker, most of us have our own personal favorites when it comes to apps that help us maintain our fitness goals. 

Fitbit gives you the option to sync other apps like SparkPeople or MyFitnessPal so that you can continue using your regular fitness apps through your Fitbit.

You can find these apps at and sync them with your Fitbit through the fitness app of your choice. 

A cool app,  compatible with the Fitbit, is the Thermos Hydration App which tracks your water intake and reminds you to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you own a Thermos smart lid, you can say goodbye to manually typing out your water intake as the lid will automatically update your water status as you go. 

Another fun app you can connect to Fitbit is Luminosity to exercise your brain. This app is designed to improve memory, attention span, flexible thinking, and so on. By combining your physical and mental health through your Fitbit, you can easily track how one affects the other.  

Bonus hacks

Finally, here are a few smaller hacks that may have slipped your attention. Took your off Fitbit to shower and then just left it off before leaving the house? For all you frantic fitness enthusiasts, if this scene has played out far too often, never fear, a solution is here. 

In a case like this, you can continue to track basic information by enabling MobileTrack in the Fitbit App (Account Tab > Set Up a device > MobileTrack). This will automatically enable your phone to track your steps instead of your Fitbit.

Though not as accurate as your Fitbit tracker, it will keep your fitness goal afloat through the day, until you are reunited with your Fitbit.

Another easy to miss error that may drastically affect your fitness data is the hand on which your Fitbit is strapped. As we tend to move our dominant hand a lot more than the other, it is possible that it may tamper the information collected by the Fitbit. 

Avoid this by specifying the hand your tracker is on and get a more accurate understanding of your daily activity (Settings Menu > Wrist). You can also get more accurate data by changing your stride length in your account settings.

Fitbit is a great tool to help you stick to your fitness goals and maintain overall health. For helping you control your breathing to taking you through vigorous workouts, your Fitbit is the best workout buddy a person could ask for. Use these tricks to customize your Fitbit and make it work for you. 

If you are still looking for a (new) Fitbit, I myself love the Fitbit Versa 2. But if you are still contemplating, check out my comparison of ten different Fitbit models here.

Do you have a Fitbit recipe you’d like to share? Comment down below!

* This article contains affiliate links. This means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Quick and easy IFTTT Fitbit hacks.Pin
Quick and easy IFTTT Fitbit hacks Pin


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