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How to take the perfect selfie

Three woman taking a selfie together on a beach

Selfies are a fun way to share a cute picture, whether you’re off exploring a place or you’re just at home having a good hair day. Given that everybody is on social media these days, selfies can become a part of your daily routine. If you find yourself feeling like your selfies are falling flat, you’re not alone! Taking the perfect selfie can be hard – it’s all about the right combination of light, setting, angle, photo filters, and more!

To avoid taking a bunch of selfies that aren’t Insta-worthy, we’ve figured out the formula for the perfect selfie! Read on for our top tips to take your selfie game to the next level.

1. Lighting is Everything

This might sound obvious, but the first step to the perfect selfie is to pay attention to your lighting. Natural, good lighting will make all the difference. Light is essentially the best beauty product, and it’s free! In fact, good lighting can make shadows and undereye circles disappear. Instead of taking a selfie while facing your television or computer screen, turn to face a window with natural light or go outside and bask in the sun.

Pro tip: If you’re taking your selfie inside, hold a white piece of paper under your chin (and out of view of the camera). This will create a natural bounce of light which will illuminate the face and reduce the double-chin effect.

Woman with freckles and a straw hat looking at the camera

2. Know When to Use Flash

While finding natural light is key to a good selfie, there are times when you may want to take a selfie but the lighting is too dark. However, some phones don’t have front-facing flash. If you’re in the club or out for dinner and want to take a selfie, try taking it with Snapchat. When using the front-facing camera on Snapchat, a built-in flash feature. It won’t be perfect but at least your face will be visible! From here, you can play with some editing apps to edit the tone and make it a bit brighter.

Woman taking a selfie in a dark environment

3. Smile Like You Mean It

If your smile is genuine, you’ll look good no matter what! Natural smiles are always better than contorting your face into a smile that’s obviously forced. If you need help getting that natural smile, try thinking about something that makes you laugh. On the other hand, you might be going for a more serious selfie. If that’s the case, try “smizing” as Tyra would say – that is, smiling with your eyes. Remember, practice makes perfect. Practice your smile (or your serious selfie pout) in the mirror until you feel like you’ve got it down.

Two Women smiling taking a selfie

4. Play to Your Angles

If there’s one thing to learn from Kim Kardashian, it’s this: when taking selfies, take it from above with your chin down. Nobody looks good in a photo taken from under their chin, so when taking a selfie, hold the phone so that the bottom is level with your eyes. Or, use a selfie stick! Sure, they’re a little embarrassing but if they help you get that perfect shot, why not! You’ll have everyone wondering what your secret is. Lastly, be sure to turn your head to the side a little bit, so your selfie isn’t straight on.

Woman holding phone at an angle
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