Best productivity apps for your smartphone

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Best productivity apps for your smartphone

Productivity is often seen by doing one thing at a time and best by focusing on your computer. Try Googling “productivity” and you’ll find fancy office setups accompanied by shiny laptops and computers. But now the use of smartphones to organize one’s life tending to productivity has been adopted by so many people. Phones have really gone beyond sending and receiving an e-mail, with the Android and iPhone apps, you should be able to get ahead in the area of productivity and impact. The most common way of being organized and staying in touch have changed over time as texting, e-mail, web browsing, to-do-list and documents are essential in most offices. Below are some essential productivity apps to get your (work) life together. Most of them are easy to install and use and are available on Android and iPhone app stores. Some need basic knowledge which can be easily figured out while few require expertise to operate.

1. Communicators Apps (Viber, Fring, Skype, Text):

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Productivity often calls for communication with other humans. Basic communicator apps include iMessage, (iPhone only) ,Viber, Skype, Telegram, Signal, and Whatsapp. These apps are available on Android and iPhone. The most used aspect of Smartphone is texting, talking, e-mails, and video. Skype and Viber are both apps that make use of data networks to have chat sessions, video calls and make voice calls without impacting your airtime. These apps save you plenty, especially while making international calls and texts. Fring is a Voice Over IP option which extends VoIP phone in your office/home to your mobile. This made it possible for you to answer your office while on the move and it is often more productive than forwarding the phone or even checking for messages.

2. Organizer Apps for storage, syncing and note taking (Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, and Box)

Some Smartphone apps for syncing and storing your files between multiple devices include Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc. Some apps such as OneDrive and Google Drive are best for freely storing your files in the “cloud” thereby giving you access and free backup notwithstanding where you are in the world. Dropbox, SkyDrive, and GoogleDrive locally sync files across multiple devices via the cloud, thereby allowing quick offline access on multiple devices. These apps are great for file sharing, updating/reviewing documents, and file collaboration. Photos and videos can also be shared.

3. Organizational Productivity Apps (CamScanner, Tripit, Evernote):

Advanced apps best used outside the office include CamScanner, Tripit. CamScanner equips your Smartphone with scanner attributes thereby turning your phone into a mobile scanner. If you travel a lot, Tripit will be your personal assistant by organizing your trips. An app such as Evernote makes it easier to take note, jot down your ideas or make a list. It also allows you to attach photos, organize your notes and save articles.

Here are some apps specifically designed for Android productivity:
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  • Titanium Backup: This app can restore and backup all data, applications, and market links.
  • Android Nimbuzz: This app enables you to chat with friends from Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Facebook, Myspace, AIM, etc.
  • Android WordPress: This app helps you experience the power of WordPress in your Android phone. It helps you write posts, edit content, and manage comments. This app is free.
Last but not least, some specific Apps for iPhone Productivity:
  • Toggl: This is a great iPhone app to be put into consideration. It helps you keep track of time and indicate what you are doing during a particular time while keeping its result for reference purpose.
  • 1Password: This is one of the best password managers. Enter it and never be frustrated again trying to come up with the right password for your site.
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