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These Are The Best Real Estate Apps For Househunting

Whether you are looking for accurate real estate information, versatile housing options or a medium that makes it possible for you to narrow down your real estate listing options; innovative and user-friendly real estate apps offer a one in all solution for all! 

There is no doubt about the fact that house hunting is not an easy job, but here some top-rated real estate apps that will make sure you have a smooth experience searching for your dream house.

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This is one of the most popular and trusted real estate apps, suitable for both IOS and Android users.

It is one of my favorite apps for house hunting and getting inspiration. The highlights of this app are its signature map and unique home value estimation tools.

With this app, you can easily figure out the changing estimate value of your home with passing time. Real Estate Search

What makes one of the best real estate apps to find a house of your choice is its customized search list where you can include a list of must-haves that you are specifically looking for in a property.

For instance, you can add if you are looking for a property with a swimming pool or additional security provisions, etc.

But, other than anything else, this app stands apart due to its exclusive Sign Snap feature that allows you to take a snap of a real estate in your locality and get information about it instantly. 


If you are looking for a user-friendly real estate mobile app that offers additional information regarding specific neighborhoods, then Trulia is just the right choice.

Right from the quality of housing accommodations, public conveniences, legal protection to safety standards; Trulia offers all-rounded information about the real estate neighborhood you have zeroed down for house hunting.

The best part about the app is that all the information pertaining to the quality of living in neighborhoods is collected through an online poll via local residents, making it all the more reliable and genuine. is a real estate app that helps you find buying as well as renting options as per your specific requirements.

For instance, on this app, you can find local areas that are most suited as per your commute time.

Another great feature of this real estate app is that it easily helps you spot a recent listing, so that you get to make the right deal at the right time. 

Redfin Real Estate

What makes Redfin Real Estate stand apart as an amazing real estate app is that it allows you to fix a meeting with a Redfin agent right through the app.

This is one feature that is hardly found in most real estate apps. Other than this, the Redfin Real Estate app’s map allows you to search for properties that are likely to sell quickly through its unique Hot Homes feature. 

Searching for your dream house? Try any of these real estate apps to find housing options like never before!

 apps for house hunting Pinterest
 apps for house hunting Pinterest Pin


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