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Beginner’s guide to Reddit

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Now almost 15 years old, the community site Reddit has been dubbed the internet’s newspaper and is still going strong with one billion users per month checking in to see what story is the most relevant to the recent times on the topic they want to know.

However, for those of us who are not a part of the enormous user pool (yet), getting into Reddit can be a daunting task since the site’s features like subreddits and karma are quite unfamiliar to a new user. Signing up for Reddit is easy since the procedure is the same as that for any website that requires you to have an account these days. The hard part is figuring out what to do once you’re in. Heck, most people don’t even know the meaning of Reddit.  


The first thing you’re going to want to do after signing up for Reddit is to subscribe to a subreddit. Think of these as forums or pages that discuss and share news related to a specific niche or topic, like science or sports or even something obscure like scissors (don’t look at us, the internet is weird). On subscribing to a subreddit, news feed from that subreddit will appear on your home page, so the more you subscribe for, the livelier your home page will be.


Voting is how the Reddit community decides what content worthy of being is brought to the attention of more people and what is worthy of being pushed down for its lack of quality. You as a user get to vote too; upvote something if you liked it or downvote it if you felt like it wasn’t up to your standards and needs to be demoted. You can even do this for comments, helping the one that’s more relevant (or funnier) be brought into the light for others to read.  

Posting on a subreddit

Reading posts on a subreddit is fun and what most people on Reddit like to do, but you can also post content on the subreddit of your choice to share it with other people subscribed to it. However, before posting any material, graphics, or links on a subreddit, you need to check if the material is suitable for putting up on the subreddit by checking its description. Also, it won’t hurt to use a little common sense here; profane humor would be appreciated on a subreddit like r/dirty thoughts, but it is not at all suitable for r/lego.

Creating your subreddit

Maybe somewhere down the line, you’ll want to create your subreddit. That’s great. After all, the world needs a place to talk about belt buckle, and creating a subreddit like r/belt buckles is a sure-fire way to do that. To be able to create your subreddit though, you need to have good karma, a sort of measure of good behavior on Reddit. Play nice and be a part of the community for at least thirty days, and you can create all the subreddits you want.

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