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Automate The Little Things In Life With IFTTT

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As the world has become more dependent on technology, we have grown accustomed to enjoying numerous gadgets and multiple services in our everyday lives. These modern conveniences are great, yet there is one glaring issue which many of us face. Despite the widespread adoption of technological advances, most of our devices and services have a little-to-no way of interacting with each other. Thankfully, a fantastic service called If This, Then That (or IFTTT for short) offers an easy way to solve this. Through many different underlying scripts, you can make an event or service trigger an action within another. For example, say you post a stunning picture to Instagram. Using the IFTTT app, your images can be automatically backed up in Dropbox every time you make a new post. This works on both iPhone and Android.

Thanks to a nifty “applets,” you can create a seemingly endless combination of functions. The best part is, you don’t need to program at all to create applets. This means that everyone can enjoy automating the little things in life regardless of their programming experience.

Needless to say, the potential uses of applets are nearly limitless. From turning your lights on remotely to tracking the hours you work as a freelancer, the options for IFTTT applets on iPhone or Android are only limited by your imagination.

Now, this being said, the options for IFTTT applets seem so limitless that it can be challenging to get started with this exciting new tool. I personally understand this firsthand, so I have taken the time to compile a short list of 5 great options for getting started on automating the little things in life with IFTTT applets. Whether your planning on using the IFTTT app on iPhone or IFTTT on Android, this list is sure to delight.

Share Your Instagram Photos as Native Photos on Twitter

Regardless of how tech-savvy you are, I think we can agree that managing multiple social media accounts can be a pain. After all, how can one person keep up with so many developments? Thankfully, this awesome applet provides a simple and effective way to share your Instagram photos directly through Twitter. Say goodbye to outdated updates and hello to social media bliss.

2. Ask Alexa To Call Your Phone

We’ve all done it – you’re going about your business and BAM! You’ve lost your phone, so let the mini panic attack begin. Thankfully, this all-too-common cause of stress can quickly become a thing of the past with this applet. The next time your phone is lost, simply say, “Alexa, as If This, Then That to call my phone” instead of searching frantically for your iPhone or Android device.

3. Start Brewing Coffee When Your FitBit Registers You’re Awake

Nothing is worse than a groggy morning, especially when making coffee is a chore. If you’re like me, you wear your FitBit all the time, including when you go to bed. So, why not tell your coffee pot to start brewing your favorite blend as soon as you wake up? With this caffeine-friendly applet, you’ll never be within a hot cup of coffee in the morning again.

4. Get The Weather Forecast Every Day At 7:00 AM

Waking up every morning to check the weather is a hassle. Sure, looking out the window can provide some information, but it’s far from the whole picture. Especially when the skies are ominous and grey. Instead of going through the daily hassle of figuring out how to best dress for the day’s weather, why not get a daily weather update sent directly to your phone? This great applet is like having your own personal weather forecast sent to your iPhone or Android device every morning.

5. Get A Notification When Your Dishwasher Cycle Is Done

Automating chores is one of the areas where IFTTT excels, and this applet is no different. If you’ve got a compatible device, you can get notifications sent directly to your iPhone or Android when your dishwasher cycle is complete. Now I know this is a very niche example, but I wanted to include it to highlight the amazing automation possibilities provided by the IFTTT framework.

When it comes to automating the little things in life such as daily chores or modern annoyances, the IFTTT app on iPhone and the IFTTT app on Android can serve as an invaluable tool. If you’re looking to make your everyday life a little bit easier, I encourage you to check out how IFTTT can help make your daily routine a little more convenient and enjoyable.

Download IFTTT on Iphone here and onAndroid here.

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