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Apple arcade review: worth another monthly subscription?

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Apple Arcade is a new venture that Apple introduced in September of 2019.
This was an effort on Apple’s part to make gaming more accessible to people who are not usually classified as gamers. The people who aren’t usually into gaming are the audiences that Apple targeted. Although for the gamers out there that are used to their elaborate consoles, Apple Arcade might not make the cut. Read our Apple Arcade review here.

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The company launched a selection of games but none of them were AAA
games much to some people’s disappointment. AAA games are those games that are considered ‘blockbusters’ in the gaming world, the kind of games that break records. Instead, all the available games are made by indie companies and are very minimalistic.

The Apple Arcade store

Apple launched Apple Arcade to have the same interface as the apple
store, or in other words, it was made to look like the app store. Although
this was a great idea, the only issue was that as more and more games
were added, it got more and more difficult to search for the particular genre
that you were looking for.

Everything else aside, Apple Arcade is an amazing platform if you want to maintain a family-friendly ecosystem in your home. Apple Arcade is available on all Apple devices. The simple games that the arcade provides are the kind that you are drawn to play when you are standing in a line or have a few minutes to kill on the subway. The games have almost the same feel as many of the games on the app store like Candy Crush but without all of the in-app purchases. Some of them have gorgeous designs.

It really depends on your gaming needs if this subscription is right for you. I myself, a casual gamer, will keep my subscription. Apple Arcade’s free trial is a great way to get a feel of it before subscribing to their $5 a month price tag. The games can be played on iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks. The subscription can be shared among family members, which makes it a steal if you ask me!

Check out some of my favorite gems:

Where the Cards Fall

Sayanora Wild Hearts

Oceanhorn 2

Assemble With Care

Neo Cab

Apple Arcade review Pinterest Pin
Apple Arcade review Pinterest Pin


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