4 of the best to do task manager apps for Android and iPhone

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This is a generation of phones, isn’t it? Everyone keeps a mobile with them, young or old? Doesn’t matter, everyone has the best and the cutest mobile phones. The companies are making pretty phones to attract ladies all around the world. If you don’t have one, you should buy one because you never know what task you might come up with and need to remember it to do it later. So it’s very important that whatever you do on your phone, it works well.

What does a task manager app do?

Task manager apps are also called task killer apps. A task killer app promises to increase the speed of your phone by automatically killing the apps running in the background.

Best to do task manager apps

The best to do app for Android and/or iPhone stays out of your way so you can easily enter something and get it back to your work. They also help you to find those task quickly, when it matters. Apple’s Reminders app is a useful and productive tool, but it may not necessarily meet everyone’s need. Luckily, there are plenty of best to do apps in the Apps store. And if you want to find the right app, it all depends on how you manage your daily list making.

1. Todoist (Android and iPhone)

Todoist is probably the best app for balancing power and simplicity. You can easily organize the task; however, you like without feeling overwhelmed. It is basically for every platform on earth, syncing other devices is not a problem. Thanks to the data recognition, addition of tasks are super quick too.

2. Things 3 (iPhone)

Things 3 is the latest integration app. It is the most simple but useful- list making an app. There’s a magic button that makes adding a new task, super easy right? It’s always been awesome to use with nothing to distract you from your task managing focus. You can also swipe right to add a date and swipe left to mark a task complete. Every important thing is easy to get, but it isn’t overwhelming to learn how to use.

3. WeDo (Android and iPhone)

Wedo is a simple life managing app that not only helps you in managing apps but also helps you form healthy habits. You can make reminders of habits, whether daily or weekly; it also helps to manage your schedule and to-do list. It’s a nice, all-in-one solution.

4. Omni Focus 2 (iPhone)

If you’re looking for complex but effective things getting done, then Omni Focus is the tool you need in your everyday life. It is a feature-rich with detailed list-making features for everything from daily chores to long-lasting projects. Whether you are at work or home, you can add photos, videos, location, context, everything; you name it. It even has a notification center widget; you don’t have to open the app to see today’s due.

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