4 free iOS and Android apps to stay on top of your health

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Who would have thought that continuously playing addicting games, watching videos, and talking through multiple social media apps could have led to the appearance of medical accessories right on the palm of your hands?

The current health care system is so specialized that it has even reached the technological apps field, increasing direct and indirect communication between healthcare providers and not specialized people, something incredibly important around these days. These health apps might be a valuable addition.

Try to get your health on with health apps

For a few years now, it is amazingly common how both iPhone and Android users have at least one of these medical apps installed on their smartphones or tablets. If used in the right way, these might avoid common mistakes that are likely to happen due to a lack of relevant information or its misinterpretation.

Because of the relevance that these apps are beginning to have and the possible population reach of future apps, experts on the matter have done several researchers in order to establish regulations that would allow quality, control, certification, and the maximum benefits for users.

These apps are capable of organizing your menstrual cycle, your children’s vaccine schedules and doctor´s appointments, provide healthy tips, discuss medical topics live with your own physician, tell you how much medicine you should take, and even tell you if you have a serious problem or not. And the best thing? Most of these health apps are very simple to use and completely free!

Here you have a list of the most appealing and used medical apps of the past year:

Doctor on Demand. This health app allows you to connect with board-certified doctors in your area. You will not get a comprehensive diagnosis with it, but you can get quick help for health issues, such as the flu, anxiety, skin irritations, heartburn, among others. For those who need a quick consultation, this is great. Available on iOS and Android.

Clue – Period & Health Tracker. Many women experience uncomfortable symptoms during their menstrual cycle. By tracking periods, symptoms, and medications used to treat symptoms, this app creates predictions and calendar reminders before the next period. The best for those women who usually do not follow every step of their cycle. Available on iOS and Android.

Medscape. Probably one of the best medical apps out there. You will find all sorts of medical stuff in here. From basic medical knowledge to the last news on the field and from instructional videos to medication side effects. Although it’s mostly for professionals, if you have certain medical knowledge, you will find it pretty helpful. Available on iOS and Android.

Medical Dictionary. Tired of not knowing what a term used by your doctor means? Well, this app is just the right thing for you. This is a reference guide, which can help you learn various medical terms, finding information about a variety of uncommon medical words and phrases. Available on iOS and Android.

If you are in need of medical advice or feel you are in need of medical assistance, always contact your doctor. Always be mindful. of the personal information, you share with these apps.

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