11 tips for Instagram beginners

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Instagram tips for beginners

As of today, Instagram ranks among the top social networks on the internet. Besides being aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, anyone can learn how to navigate Instagram; web or app. If you’ve never registered for Instagram, there’s no better time to open an account than now. We’ve outlined a couple of tips for Instagram beginners to help you get the most out of your Instagram experience. Whether you are a beginner or a bit more advanced, by following these tips, you can grow a huge following and increase public engagement with your account.

Post appealing photos and videos

Instagram operates on a cycle of value. If you want more social engagement, you’ll have to provide valuable stuff to your followers. Instagram lets you post high-resolution photos and videos, so you should aim to post things that create some emotional connections with your followers. Photos that evoke positive emotions like happiness, motivation, humor, and love get high engagement on Instagram.

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2. Cut down on the filter effects

Instagram provides all users with many filters that you can effect into your photos. In a way, these filters enhance the quality of your photos. However, people seem to have outgrown the trend. Now, there is a global appreciation for natural-looking photos and videos. So, if you really want to apply some filter effect, make it minimal so that it enhances your photos not distort it.

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3. Use hashtags sparingly

How do hashtags work? Well, they help increase your reach on Instagram, allowing more engagement and the chance to accumulate new followers. But a lot of Instagram users overdo it. They flood their captions with hashtags, a lot of them barely relevant to their photo topic. Using hashtags has its perks but to ensure they work fine, use them sparingly and only when they relate to the topic of the photo.

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4. Go explore and interact

Instagram’s Explore tab is where the most interacted with photos and videos get shown. The posts on Explore have been tailored to your activity on Instagram, i.e. people you follow or photos you liked. By checking the Explore tab regularly, you could spread your interactive net on Instagram.

11 tips to get started with Instagram

5. Post frequently

The best way to keep followers engaged is to post new content regularly. A post per day or every other day should be regular enough to keep your followers engaged. Don’t overdo it however as you could scare followers away. Also, don’t go long periods without posting something new, else you’ll lose a few followers.

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6. Protect your privacy with Instagram direct

Posting photos and videos every day can greatly improve your Instagram experience. But like everything else that adds value to your gram, don’t overdo it. You don’t always have to publicly post things to all your followers. With the use of Instagram Direct, you can select who sees what content you post. You can also privately message specific users with this feature.

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7. Interact with other Instagram users

Interaction is the key to building a loyal following on Instagram. Pay attention to followers who always like and comment on your photos and videos. Reply comments, check out their profiles and leave some likes. Follow your followers back if you haven’t already. If you ignore your most loyal followers, you could eventually lose them. You can use apps like Iconosquare to keep track of loyal followings.

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8. Do not buy followers

A lot of people on Instagram sell and buy followers. While it may be easy to get a huge number of following for a good price, most of the users are fake and inactive. Having an account that has 10,000 followers may look awkward if your photos and videos don’t have relatively high likes and comments. Real engagement pays off. On Instagram, the numbers don’t always tell the truth.

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9. Get with Instagram Trends

Hashtags and shootouts may prove effective getting new followers but like every trend, they’ll fizzle out with time. Instagram is a big social media platform. It’s important that you keep up with the current trends to avoid losing followers. You can get on the internet and search what is currently trending on Instagram. More often than not, you can tell what is trending on the ‘Explore tab’.

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10. Use the Stories Feature

Stories are the latest social media features on the internet right now. Unlike regular posts, they are less permanent, spanning a 24 hour period. They are ‘in the moment’ content that appears at the top of users’ feeds. Using stories has a social appeal to followers. It allows your followers the chance to causally connect with you. experiment and play with different angles/filters/stickers and watch other peoples Instagram stories for inspiration. Most of all, have fun!

Instagram Stories example
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