10 Twitter Tips for new Twitter users

Is this your first time on Twitter? Are you. looking for some Twitter Tips?Twitter was launched in 2006 and has been a mainstay in the social networking industry. In that time, it has accumulated over 300 million users. So, if it’s your first time on Twitter, you have little to worry about as you can get to grips with the platform quite instantly. With these 10 essential Twitter tips, you’ll be a master tweeter real soon.

  1. Choose Between a Public and Private Profile

On Twitter, basically, everyone can see your tweets. The default profile settings allow anyone on Twitter to interact with you. But if you want to stay low-key, you can change your profile status from public to private. On a private profile, only users who you have approved their ‘request to follow’ can view your feed or interact with you.

2. Learn How Twitter Users Interact

Before you dish out your first tweet into the nothingness, check up on other veteran user profiles to see how they navigate Twitter. You can learn a lot by going through profiles of a great many Twitter users. Remember, tweets are essential to amassing an interactive following. It’s essential to work according to Twitter Etiquettes if you want to achieve this goal.

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3. Understand how Retweets Work

Twitter runs on a fulcrum of tweets and retweets. Retweets take a huge chunk out of Twitter. They’re the primary reason why certain contents go viral. Retweets work by sharing another user’s tweet. They are the simplest thing to do on Twitter, but they do come in variations.

4. Get familiar with Hashtags

Twitter categorizes tweets with the aid of hashtags. By using hashtags, you make it easier for users looking for your topic theme to find your tweet. If used correctly, hashtags can become very effective in getting your new followers and engagement. One of my favorite Twitter Tips is to just explore hashtags you like. See what pops up!

5. Tweet When Your Followers are Most Active

Twitter works on location and time zone. It doesn’t matter if you’re tweeting the exclusives to a new trend, it won’t get the required attention if people aren’t paying enough attention. The best times to tweet are between 12-3 pm with 5 pm being the peak time. Other times to get a lot of social interaction on Twitter are from 2-3 am, 6-7 am and 9-10 pm. You may want to experiment with these times to see which one gives the most interaction.

6. Use the Mobile Twitter App

The best Twitter experience comes from a mobile device. Unlike the regular web, you can tweet from a carry-around smartphone or tablet. Using the mobile Twitter app helps you tweet ideas as soon as they pop up. Keep in mind though that although using the mobile app can be fun, it can be quite addictive. There are third-party alternatives to the Twitter mobile app if you don’t like it.  You could try apps like Tweetbot or Hootsuite.

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7. Tweet Gifs, Photos, and Videos for Visual Appeal

Statistically; photos on Twitter encourages more tweet engagement from followers. This is because photos are quite hard to miss amongst a sea of tweets. By posting gifs, photos and videos in a tweet, you instantly grab the attention of Twitter users, especially those tweeting from their mobile device.

8. Join a Twitter Chat

Twitter operates on the strength of a host of Twitter users active all at once. However, your Twitter feed may look dull if you follow people who are barely active. Joining a Twitter chat or more could help you interact with users sharing your interest. You could follow them and expand your network from there.

9. Tweet Latest Blog Posts

If you own a blog or you just love reading blogs, you can link your Twitter to those blogs. This allows your Twitter account to automatically tweet the latest posts from these blogs. IFTTT is a good tool to use to link a blog to your Twitter account.

10 Twitter Tips for new Tweeps

10. Consider Twitter Automation

Just as you can tweet the latest blog posts with third-party apps, you could also use these apps to automate your tweets. This means that you could write a tweet and schedule what time it will be tweeted tomorrow or the next. If you’re a really busy person, tweet automation may be a good way for you to enjoy Twitter while at work. Apps like Hootsuite and Buffer make it really easy to automate your tweets.

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